Whether this is your first child to be baptised, you are a long-term parishioner or you are new to St Declan's and want to know more about our process for Baptism, please know you are welcome. 

You may have lots of questions so we've provided some information below to make starting the process easy for you.

Once you fill in the 'Application for Baptism' form below, we will be in contact to organise bookings for the Baptism and preparation class.


  • Baptisms are held on Sundays at 12.30pm

  • Currently, we are baptising 2-3 children each weekend (due to Covid restrictions)

  • Bookings for baptisms and preparation classes are imperative.

Questions about having your child baptised

At least one parent/partner must be Catholic in order to have a child baptised. 

If this is your first child to be baptised, fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you. The usual procedure is that you will meet the priest before the baptism and you will need to attend one baptism preparation class.

If this child is a sibling of a child already baptised from your family, please fill in the Application for Baptism form below and we will be in contact to organise the baptism.

Baptisms are held each Sunday of the year at 12.30 pm, except on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday or if another Sacrament is scheduled that weekend. 

Unfortunately, no. Our priests are very busy and rotate performing baptisms according to their commitment to Masses on any given weekend.

The Godparent's role is to be a witness to their faith for the child and to pray for them. Godparents support the parents to raise the child in the faith and help them to develop a relationship with God.

When considering who to ask to be your child's Godparent, please consider that:

* All Godparents need to have received all their Catholic sacraments. That is, they must be baptised, have received their First Eucharist and be confirmed Catholic.

* Godparents must be over the age of 16 and they cannot be the parent of the child being baptised.

If you believe you have an unusual circumstance that you need to discuss, or you have an enquiry these answers don't address, please call the parish office on Monday - Wednesday or Friday, between 9 am - 3 pm.

Application for Baptism