It takes many people to celebrate a beautiful Mass.
Readers & Commentators, Acolytes, and Eucharistic Ministers are just a few of the many ministries available that allow parishioners to share their gifts with our community.

In order to ensure Acolytes, Eucharistic Ministers and Readers / Commentators serve effectively in their ministries, some training is required.

Ministry training provides formation on the meaning and significance of the Eucharist (for Acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers), the meaning and significance of the Liturgy of the Word (for Readers and Commentators), and the practical elements of both these ministries.

It is compulsory to attend these sessions before serving at Mass. Please register on the form below.


Readers & Commentators:

  • Session 1: May 30

NB: All Sessions held at 7.30-9.00pm in the Church

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