Meet Our Team

St Declan's is under the care of the Missionaries of God's Love (MGL), a Religious congregation founded in Australia.

Fr Chris Ryan MGL
  • Parish Priest
Fr Brian Steele MGL
  • Assistant Priest
Fr Tony Alex MGL
  • Assistant Priest
Fr Josh Whicker MGL
  • Assistant Priest
Br Vijay Thomas MGL
  • Deacon
Frances Watton
  • Parish Secretary
Cathy Kennedy
  • Evangelisation Coordinator
Melanie Dooner
  • Communications and Admin Support
Jacky Krsnik
  • Project Coordinator
Steve Thomas
  • Operations Manager
Isaac Reefman
  • Music Coordinator
Nellie Doueihi
  • Coordinator of Ministries to the Sick & Elderly
Chloe Abel
  • Sacramental Coordinator
Louisa Daniels
  • Worship Team Leader
Joanna Sukkar
  • Outreach Coordinator
Louise Perrau
  • St Declan's Primary Family Educator