Are you wondering about life's big questions? 

Some questions need more than a google search.


Imagine you could talk this through with other people who are asking the same questions. That’s why we run Alpha!

Our Alpha Series is an opportunity to explore the meaning and purpose of life, the God question and where you sit with it all. 

Everyone is welcome. There is no judgement, no pressure and no charge!  


Who is it for?
Alpha is for anyone who is curious and looking for an open, casual and honest space to explore life’s big questions.
What do we explore?

Is there more to life than this? Why do people suffer? Who is Jesus? What's the deal with prayer?

How does it work?

Weekly meetings are face-to-face or online at different days and times to watch a video and have a small group discussion.

Alpha @ St Declan's

Check this video out!

All Alpha sessions feature a warm welcome, an engaging video and good conversation.
Alpha @ St Declan's
Our next Alpha's start on August 3rd & 4th. You can register by filling in the form below.

Why Alpha?

What was Alpha Like?

What's Changed Since Alpha?