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The Smart Loving Marriage Kit is an online course for married couples who want a lasting, passionate relationship.

This course is designed to help you grow in understanding how you function as a couple. It will help you: 

  • STRENGTHEN & REINFORCE YOUR MARRIAGE - Grow in your understanding of each other, strengthen your bond, and reinforce your relationship with thought provoking insights.

  • DEVELOP PRACTICAL & RELEVANT SKILLS - Learn new skills that can be applied to everyday situations. The Marriage Kit is highly relevant and adaptable to the uniqueness of your marriage. It is delivered through contemporary content, is online and can be completed at your own pace. 

  • IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION - Through helping you and your spouse improve your communication and conflict resolution skills, you will learn how to strengthen your relationship and reduce family breakdown.

  • HAVE CONFIDENCE IN OUR EXPERTS - With almost 30 years’ of experience supporting marriages, Dr Byron and Francine Pirola offer a refreshing look into what it takes to build a healthy and happy relationship today.

Find out how the Smart Loving Marriage Kit can help you.

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